Disinfection and sterilization

One of the most perspective branches of ADRE-technology is disinfection and sterilization of solid state surfaces, liquids and gases. High energy of ADRE discharge lets electrons cover the distance in a few centimeters at the atmospheric pressure in the air, affect bacteria cells and cause effective destruction of DNA, RNA, membranes and other organells. The same effect is created with such stable forms of bacteria as filmy and spore bacteria. The positive sterilization results, received with the application of our method, have been confirmed by the findings of the bacteriological laboratory in Tomsk.

The following table compares modern ways of sterilization
Ways of sterilization Time of sterilization Peculiar features
Steam sterilizer 40 min. + time for heating and cooling The temperature is 120-180 С. Temperature-sensitive materials damage (plastic, optic, electronic units). Impossibility to sterilize moisture-unstable materials.
Gas and liquid sterilizer More than 1 hour + some hours/days for the substance remainder disposal Toxicity of sterilizing substances. Erosion of processed surface and equipment.
Radiation sterilizer About an hour Necessity for specific biological protection for the staff. UV (ultraviolet) does not sterilize shaded areas.
Plasma chemical sterilizer About an hour Necessity to create sealed chambers and pumps. This makes the installation far more expensive and increase the probability of breakage. Necessity to use consumables (hydrogen peroxide).
ADRE plasma 30-40 min. Absence of pumps and sealed chambers. Absence of consumables. Cost of sterilization is 10-1000 times lower than existing sterilizers have. Eliminates filmy and spore bacteria. Absence of adversive health effects and is nature-friendly

Thus far EST Company has developed display samples of chamber and assembly line sterilizers and water purification and disinfection installations.more