Procession of woven and nonwoven fabrics

The use of plasma technologies for activation and modification of woven and nonwoven fabrics evolves dynamically these days. The core of the problem lies in increasing their capability and wetting ability. With their help a wide range of fabrics can be processed, e. g. cotton, wool, linen, polymer, etc.

Plasma technologies possess a set of evident advantages:
  • the rate of finishing processes is speeding up dramatically;
  • the necessity for clear water decreases, raw sewage discharge shrinks;
  • the minimization of electric power and chemical reagents' consumption.
  • One of the directions of textile fabrics’ processing is based on the glow discharge at the low pressure and presents a sealed chamber with pumped air, into which inert gas a added. This method of processing has its own disadvantages raises the cost of equipment significantly, yhe installation has vast dimensions and, what is more important, it can not be incorporated into continuous technological process.

    Nowadays plasma processing of fabrics at the atmospheric pressure is regarded as the most promising one. In this case the need to create the low pressure falls away, thus fabrics can be processed at high rate straight on the assembly line. But it turned out that all existing discharges can guarantee considerably lower rates of surfaces/ processing than the discharge at the low pressure.

    EST Company offers you a positively new method of processing. In terms of efficiency of the impact on materials, atmospheric discharges. This allows to process material at a high rate, and there appears a possibility of incorporation into the continuous technological process. Expenditures on vacuum chambers, pumps, extra spools, etc. are reduced considerably at that. One of the basic advantages is the possibility of processing of shaggy fabrics, as the height of the discharge gap of ADRE plasma amount to 60 mm, what is ten times longer than all existing discharges at the atmospheric pressure have.

    The demonstration of capillarity and wetting ability of the fabric before (a) and after (b) ADRE plasma processing

    Our company has developed pilot machines of assembly line type that demonstrate clearly the whole procedure for material processing. more