Our innovation in the “Plasma world”

EST Ltd. has patented the new method of production of low-temperature plasma with runaway electrons (Atmospheric Discharge with Runaway Electrons), hereafter cited as ADRE plasma. It combines the benefits of the discharges of low-temperature plasma at low-pressure and plasma at the atmospheric pressure.

One of the main peculiar features of ADRE plasma is the formation of a great amount of fast electrons in the area of the discharge, these electrons obtain energy up to several dozens of kiloelectronvolt, whereas the average electron energy in other discharges amounts to a few electronvolt.

In addition to activation and modification of the surfaces of different materials and articles, due to the electrons with high energy, ADRE plasma exercises a destructive effect on organic and non-organic compounds, as well as bacteria and viruses.

Installations, based on ADRE plasma leave far behind electron beam technologies in terms of efficiency, and they are not inferior to gas-discharge systems in terms of simplicity and cheapness.

Discharge types
Characteristics Corona discharge Barrier discharge Glow discharge ADRE discharge
Pressure atmospheric atmospheric close to vacuum atmospheric
Homogeneity inhomogeneous inhomogeneous homogeneous homogeneous
Discharge gap up to 5 mm up to 3 mm up to 30 mm up to 60 mm
Average electron energy a few eV a few eV a few eV a few dozens of keV