Types of low-temperature plasma

The plasma of the glow discharge emerges at the pressure cloze to vacuum. This type of plasma is homogeneous. The size of the sealed chamber, where it appears may add up to substantial capacity. Due to its characteristics the glow discharge is widely used in medical, pharmaceutical, food, textile and other branches of industry. Its main disadvantage is the necessity to create the decreased pressure and specific gas environment.

The plasma of the barrier discharge appears between two electrodes separated by a dielectric at the atmospheric pressure, but the discharge gap is little as well, it does not exceed 3 mm. This type of plasma is inhomogeneous. The plasma of the barrier discharge is applied in industrial ozonizers, in disinfection of waste water plants, during the farm produce processing, in chemical industry, etc.

The plasma of the corona discharge emerges on the basis of the electrodes with high curvature at the atmospheric pressure. But its maximum discharge gap does not exceed 5 mm. Furthermore, the discharge is not homogenous, so this imposes restrictions on its application.